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  • SUN

    • We decided to use only aluminium or stainels steel external parts – they are much more resistant to direct sun light and temperature than any kind of plastics.
    • The powder coating we use is properly prepared to keep the original colour even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
    • We work with Dickson fabrics as these have 10 years waranty – making us sure the colour will stay perfect for a long time.

  • RAIN

    • Dickson fabrics are waterproof – with 10 year waranty on impregnation.
    • To be able to use an awning  in rain be sure the angle of the fabrick is 14 deg or more – to ensure water flowes of the fabric insted of gathering in top of it. Awning should be closed if the rain gathers on top of it.
    • Also feel free to close our cassette awnings even when fabric is wet – water drains will let the water flow out of the cassette.
    • To keep the flounce clean we instaled water drain along the front profile.


    • Awning can be mounted on the wall during winter – it dose not have any exterior plastic parts that might be damaged.
    • We recomaned to clean the fabric brfore closing awning for winter season.
    • Please keep in mind – using the electric motor during frost may damage it.

  • WIND

    • Awnings are tested acording to European Union laws. The result of the test is represented by wind resisance class – rangeing from 0 to 3.
    • For our TopLine awnings we use aicraft aluminum for the arms – as it is more resistand to brakeing – this way we can have light, slick arms with great lift capacity.


    • All brackets for terrace awnings and pergola are interchangable – including the full-cassette awning. (wall, celing and rafter instalation)
    • Square bar in full-cassette awning ensures easy instalation on wooden or brick walls (unperfect surface).
    • Instalation of any awning should be performed by profesionals.


    • aluminum construction is 100% recyclable
    • Dickson fabrics have oeko-tex certyficate
    • even when heated to 85 deg C the fabric will not give any smells

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