• liftgardiner


Liftgardiner (roman blinds) are a fashionable and elegant window decorations, rolled through the mechanism of a chain. After lifting curtains up, created glamorous horizontal tab so. folds.

Curtains provide a visor in almost every room. It is also impressive and functional decoration, not only windows, but the whole interior.



  • The free height setting curtains with a chain control or electrical
  •  Easy way of cleaning product,
  • Reliable self-locking mechanism, allows you to set the curtain at any height,
  • The rich collection of fabric colors including diffuse light, shading and transparent
  • The possibility of buying into the same fabric cushions and curtains
System min. bredde [mm] maks. bredde [mm] maks. høyde [mm]
Liftgardiner 3000 3000
RVS 1 *, RVS2** 500 1500 2200



*liftgardiner med fast øvre renne, flyttbar nedre renne,

**liftgardiner med flyttbare både øvre og nedre  renner,


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