Lamellgardiner og panelgardine

    Lamellgardiner og panelgardine

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    Vertical blinds (verticals) are used mainly as sun protection systems in big glass structures extremely popular nowadays in modern architecture. While enormous glass windows and walls enable inhabitats to have contact with nature, unfortunately, they guarantee neither intimacy nor protection from excessive sunlight. Here come vertical blinds as an ideal solution their chief merit being their aesthetic value combined with the possibility to control the amount of light coming into the room. Our offer features also an impressively wide range of fabrics and lamellas that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

    Vertical blinds may be used as screens or as doors; an important feature of verticals is also the possibility to manipulate them (turning, sliding left, right etc.) All this makes them extremely practical and easy to operate. They are often equipped with electric motors. Vertical blinds may be mounted horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Their rails may be straight or custom-bent.

    Panel tracks are an inner decoration of a window or a wall, often used in place of traditional curtains. They may also be used to cover, among others, huge surfaces made of glass.

    A great asset of verticals as well as panel tracks is their unquestionable appeal for interior decoration purposes which is a consequence of freedom to combine colours and patterns.
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