Built-in Solido roller shutter

    Built-in Solido roller shutter

    • Possibility of concealing the roller shutter box within the fabric of a structure, which makes it invisible
    • Increased thickness of front and inspection covers makes the structure more rigid
    • New bolted entry guides – can be removed without dismantling of the roller shutter
    • The box is concealed within the insulation of a building, thus protecting the window head against freezing
    • Thanks to the inspection cover placed outside, all service maintenance operations can be carried out without any distraction of the household members,
    • Possibility of fitting the roller shutter with an integrated roller mosquito nets.

    Type of profile

    min width


    max width


    max height


    max surface


    AN 39

    500 2800 3000* 6,0

    AN 45

    500 3100 3300* 6,5

    AN 52

    500 3700 2700* 8,0


    windows, shop windows, terrace windows, entrance doors

    * depending on applied security devices.

    Completion of building: entrance doorsthe system needs to be planned ahead during the construction designing process, thermal efficiency improvement.



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